What is Read Grasp?


This is the unenhanced text. The experience is usual and there’s nothing wrong with it. As the default, it’s considered reliable. It has worked forever, right? But it can be better, more efficient.


Take this as the fast lane. If you can observe, selectively drawing attention to certain parts of the sentence will push one’s brain to fill in the gap. The brain’s programming allows the reading to happen faster–as if reading with a 1.5x speed button.

Speed Reading

The brain is capable of “scanning” strings of symbols from one direction to another. After the continuous evolution of the reading process, humans have been doing the activity without overthinking it. Speed reading is the umbrella term for the methods a person employs to read more quickly. Speed reading is enhanced through observing patterns--for example short lines being quicker to scan than long ones or how headings are easier to read over paragraphs.

Read Grasp

The text structure and its appearance can significantly affect how the eyes and brain comprehend what a person perceives. ReadGrasp is one method that helps with speed reading. The application does so by making the beginning of each word in a text bold. This formatting allows the eyes to glide from one bold string of letters to the next. As the eyes scan the letters in bold, the brain fills in the rest of the words. ReadGrasp helps the reader avoid getting stuck on a word. The app allows the person to instead absorb the text as a constant stream of ideas instead of individual words and letters. Some people who found themselves benefitting from such formatting include people with reading impairment.

The Advantage

ReadGrasp is one of the good tools to enhance speed reading. For example, pronouncing words as a person reads them, or subvocalization, slows down reading since the brain is faster than the vocal system. Eliminating such habit will take time to unlearn as it is a habit formed during a person's younger years. What's unique about ReadGrasp is that it doesn't require familiarization or investing time to benefit from using it.